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                                "Enrich your life with the smile of a child".

© Lili Marleen Rankine

This is what Soul-Help is about:



Soul-Help is a project to help children in need, help teenagers, teenage mothers and teenage fathers, worldwide.


Soul-Help distributed in-kind donations such as warm clothing, gifts for Christmas,

cinema and Zoocards, school supplies and toys.

Soul-Help collects and distributes donations of money.

We align music projects and other art projects for cihildren and with children instead.


We help with therapies by conecting with therapists and doctors, we help orphans through sponsorship of medical care, food, water and education. We are a team of reading, learning and artists mentors for children, we are a team of sport coaches for children and teens. And we help parents in specific difficult situations.


Soul-Help child aid wants to give children future prospects with presenting different artists from various fields.


Soul-Help prresents also arts and cultural workers, as well as business owners and people who are socially engaged. We are convinced, that Doing Good is contagious to do good and returns more than what you have given. To give and help makes one's life more beautiful. And it makes our world a little bit better and more peaceful.


Enrich your life with the smile and the joy of a child. ©


We are very happy about your visit and your support, and wish you joy in helping, reading, browse, discover. Thank you.



yours Lili Marleen Rankine

Founder, Project Manager, Artist

 How it started


In 1999 until 2003 I joined the United Nations Peacekeeing Mission UNMIK in former Yugoslavia, Kosovo.


During my two missions I made up my wish to organize help for children in need.

After I´ve got back to my homeland Germany, I started my work right away, even before all the paperwork and registration of my organization and its logo. 


In 2005 I named my work Soul-Help, created an association logo: A black heart with colored underlining, a roof and sun rays on its sides and registered name and logo.


Many years I could help a lot of kids. And it was inconceivable how many children really needed help just to survive and be healthy somehow. 


And I know what it means to have a hard life as a young human. During my childhood I went through a lot of experiences a hard life can give you. 


Somehow it made up the way I had to go; And I am happy, I survived. So, I see a lot of these kids they want the same. Survive and simple: be happy.


That is the reason why, I found Soul-Help. With it, I can help children in need, children who struggle with hunger, children who live with violence and war, children who are  traumatized of violence. And my organization helps child-mothers and child-fathers who are in need, and Soul-Help helps orphans in various countries of the earth.


Your visiting and interests of helping children makes me very happy.

It´s my philosophy, it´s all about life. Our life on this planet, with all of us, humans and animals and mother Nature. Our life is a circle, we are all in.


We all cannot live without eachother.

Thank you that you are here.


Best regards,


Lili Marleen Rankine


UNMIK Civpol Marleen Rankine in Kosovo (Peacekeeping Mission)

 How to help and change a childs life

Waisenkinder in Nanga-Eboko, Kamerun

 Necessary care for orphans in Cameroon


"For orphans in Nanga - Eboko, Cameroon, we are collecting donations for necessary help.


With a donation we can help the children with necessary medicine, with one meal a day, with school supplies and hygiene items.


You can be a sponsor for one or more orphans, or accompany the children themselves locally, eg with an internship.


Together with our partner organization "Sources de l' Espoir" ("Source of Hope") in Nanga - Eboko, Cameroon, Africa, we work together in Germany, Berlin. 


Since December 2010, Soul-Help helps these children and the project "Source de l´Espoir"


through financial assistance. If we can. For these poor children and their carers in Nanga Eboko I wish to have the opportunity to keep-on helping. With yours or friends help it´s possible. We also donate for orphanage monthly rent.


You can help a girl or boy in Cameroon to build a secure future."